Season 2 Episode 1 of Digital Taunton

21 Feb 2020

Shane Griffiths

Following on from a very successful season finale and a long-overdue rest, here we are right back into the mix with a great start to 2020.

Thank you to everyone who came along to EP01 of Season Two of our Digital Taunton core event. It was ONCE AGAIN another record month of signups and attendees on the night. Company spaces were literally bursting with our fantastic community members all wanting to catch up with old friends, make new ones and get pumped for 2020!

It was the first time live streaming on Youtube, and we were so pleased that everything went to plan, thanks Johnathon Warner for making this happen. From now on all our talks and live streams will be hosted on our new YouTube channel so do please check it out and make sure you subscribe. YouTube brings many improvements over Facebook, the quality is far better and should hopefully be much easier to find.

We were amazed by the number of new members we had. Welcome and thank you for giving up your Thursday evening and spending it with us. We hope we see you again soon.

A huge thank you to our sponsor for this month CETSAT! We really appreciate you.

Welcome to DT Tech

The key announcement for the evening was the launch of #DT-Tech — our new monthly event focused on bringing together those who make technology and those interested in learning more about technical subjects. We love that our core event keeps things reasonably high level and as inclusive as possible. #DT-Tech however, wants to dive a little deeper. Example themes will focus around software development, engineering, science and all that good stuff.

The format is exactly the same, speakers, spotlights and pizza! It’s going to be awesome! The event is free to attend and is available to all. To sign up just register on the DT Tech meet-up page here.

The first event will be on ⏰ Wednesday the 4th of March at 7pm at Company in the centre of Taunton. Watch the video of Shane talking through what it’s all about below.

The event is run in partnership with the UKHO and run by Sharon Davies, who’s incredibly passionate about wanting this to be a huge success and hopes to fill that gap in creating the largest, brightest and most energetic tech community in the area.

We hope that this event inspires, provides a platform for young people to get involved and encourage collaboration.

If you’re interested in supporting our new event through either sponsorship (we always need people to pay for the pizza), helping out on the night or being a potential speaker, please email me

The Spotlights

Instead of just the one, we had two spotlight talks, highlighting some exciting developments from both the Somerset West and Taunton Council and Bridgwater and Taunton College.

New Innovation Centre Proposal

The lovely Mark Wathen kicked off the spotlights talking about a new and exciting opportunity which has been presented to Taunton. Government has extended an invitation, allowing us to enter a proposal for a purpose-built innovation centre right in the heart of Taunton on the Firepool site. This is a fantastic opportunity for our town and could unlock a massive amount of potential for our local economy and our community.

All images 360SouthWest

They are still in the scoping stages in what exactly is meant by a “Digital Innovation Centre” in 2020? But we (Digital Taunton) and several strategic partners are working together to help the council ensure that what we propose, has a purposea soul and a beating heart. Not, another shared office space, there’s enough of those littering the South West already.

We need YOUR help! As Mark mentioned in his talk, these proposals require an evidence-based approach, and we need surveys created and filled in. You’d think there would be a better way, but unfortunately, it’s how it’s done, folks. We need you to fill in the survey and help build the numbers to demonstrate the demand for such a place is necessary. No survey, no building. So please spare literally 2 mins and fill it in.

The link is here

and you’ll be forever in our good graces.

A huge thank you to Mark, for standing on stage (not his comfort zone) and providing us with a warm and witty (he insists he was sober) update on the Firepool development and what the innovation centre could bring to the town. He’s one of Digital Taunton’s biggest fans, and he’s a fantastic ambassador to our community and us. Keep doing what you’re doing, Mark! If you want to recap what Mark said you can jump into the live stream at the right point here

All images 360SouthWest

Bridgwater and Taunton College

It was also really nice to be joined by Dave at the Bridgwater and Taunton college. He gave us a brief overview on the amazing tech/digital courses on offer at the college, as well as some interesting events they have lined up.

Kenda Macdonald

Tonight’s speakers represented a few of our favourites from Season One, and we were absolutely delighted to welcome back Kenda. She’s an absolute badass when it comes to human-centred digital marketing and engagement, and she did not disappoint.

During her talk, she described how our brain blocks out the noise and imposes barriers, so we only excerpt the energy for important/complex processing, when we need it. All the “fluff” is handed over to our minions to do the easy stuff.

She outlined ways in which we can bypass those minions and help to get our full attention. If you’re interested in marketing/human processing in any way, I strongly encourage you to watch her talk on our channel. We’ve created a specific video for this talk so feel free to jump right in.

Resources from Kenda’s Talk

⚡️ Kenda on LinkedInTwitter
???? Automation Ninjas
???? Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
???? Hack the buyer brain — Kenda Macdonald
???? “F**k. The Game — The Original Aussie Party Game”

A huge thank you once again, Kenda for giving up your time and supporting us! ️❤️

Jo Middleton

Once again, it was lovely to welcome back our good friend Jo to the stage. Her last talk back in early 2019 left everyone with a belly full of laughter and a brain full of fresh ideas.

This time, she kicked things off by talking about the pressure we put on ourselves when it comes to posting on social media. We think we need to be posting all the things, all the time. She encouraged us not to let social media stress you out and don’t believe when people say you need 20 posts per day. You can gain a lot from social media, consistency is important, but that doesn’t mean huge volumes.

She walked us through 7 top tips in how to manage the load, help ensure we get the most out of social media and utilise tools to make posting much more manageable and more beautiful.

Resources from Jo’s Talk

⚡️ Jo on LinkedInTwitter
???? Jo’s blog
???? platform for posting Instagram content
???? awesome app for photo editing
???? great way to manage twitter lists.
???? for free high-quality images
???? easy to use design tool for posts

Great job, Jo! And thank you so much for being part of EP01.

Thank you

That wraps things up for this month, join us on the 27th Feb for our 1st birthday! ???? Details to signup are on our meet up page and we’ll look forward to seeing you there.

Also don’t forget that our DT Tech event is now live, signups are also on meet up.

Bye for now

And remember to fill in our survey PLEASE!