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Redesigning Sethule Orphans’ Trust website in Webflow

We’ve been working closely with Sethule Orphans’ Trust who provide children in rural Zimbabwe with food, education and loving foster families.

In 2005, Sethule Orphans’ Trust was founded when a rapidly increasing number of disadvantaged orphans was noticed, especially in the poorest rural communities of Western Zimbabwe.

Sethule’s existing website provided little room for flexibility or use of high quality, engaging images, and video content. Whilst the website served them well over the years, Sethule are now at a transitional time within the charity’s history where a new website will help towards their ongoing mission and promoting their latest projects on the ground in Zimbabwe.

We were approached by Sethule to collaborate on redesigning and building their website in order to modernise and create a visually engaging experience for their users.

Sethule Orphans’ Trust
November 2020

Our Approach

Over the past couple of months, we have been rethinking how the team tells their story and showcase the incredible work they they do. We took the opportunity of a new website to also look at refreshing the Sethule brand.

We’ve worked on redesigning the logo and adding in hand-drawn elements both to the logo and across the iconography throughout the website. This has helped to make the Sethule feel more friendly and approachable to its users. This has really helped to capture the work that Sethule do for children in Zimbabwe.

“We came to The Idea Bureau with the brief of a full re-design of our website which was outdated and no longer fit for purpose. The team worked closely with us each step of the way from the design of the site to the build and we’re really happy with the result. The team have created a more engaging and modern website as well as a simplified and user friendly donation mechanism. Thank you to The Idea Bureau team for all their hard work on this.”

Simon Ashmore

In a short space of time we collaborated closely with the team to design, build, and launch a new website that we are all proud of. It has been an absolute please to work with the team at Sethule.

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