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The Idea Bureau

About Us

At The Idea Bureau, we aspire to provide simple but impactful digital solutions for charities, non-profits, and NGOs.

We design and build products for the stories that matter. It’s what we’re good at and what we care about. It’s as simple as that.

Your team of expert digital partners

Trusted by the United Nations, NHS, Consortium for Street Children, National Children’s Bureau and more.

Ben Everard

Director & Technical Lead

Passionate about:

Sustainability and environmental impact, children’s rights, and financial and legal transparency

Tash Hockey

Director & Design Lead

Passionate about:

Women’s and children’s rights, mental health, climate change, and cancer research

Rachael O’Brien

Web Developer

Passionate about:

Cancer research, increasing awareness and access to care for MND patients, and animal rights


We are loyal to our clients, community and stakeholders. We care about them and want them to succeed. We never want our projects to feel like transactions – they mean so much more to us than that. We are devoted to our partners.

Tash at the UN headquarters in New York, delivering workshops 
for the Department of Political & Peace Building Affairs (DPPA) team.

“We’ve been absolutely delighted with the process and the end result. Right from the start, the team went above and beyond to understand what was important to us and our users.”

Laura Macartney, Co-founder at InCommon Foundation


We pride ourselves on our transparency. No true and meaningful relationship can exist without it. So, we will ALWAYS be upfront about what we can offer you and in what capacity. We want you to know that you can trust us with your incredible organisation.

“The team’s expertise, creativity, and attention to detail were exceptional. Their professionalism, dedication and flexibility throughout the project were remarkable. We highly recommend their services to anyone.”

Georg Neumann, Head of Communications at Open Contracting Parternship


We care deeply about the impact we have on our environment and communities. We seek to be knowledgeable and decisive about these topics, advocating for carbon reduction efforts through our day-to-day operations, as well as our projects and infrastructure.

What we’re doing:

We support Ecologi to help offset our day-to-day impact on our environment.


It’s important to us that our partners enjoy working with us. We want you to see us as an extension of your team. You can rely on us and know that we will be there to support you, every step of the way.

Delivering an in-person bespoke discovery workshop, our favourite way to kick-start collaborating at the beginning of a project.

True to our values

We have spent over a decade dedicating our digital expertise to the charity and non-profit sector, during which time we’ve soaked up the enthusiasm that our clients have for their cause, and allowed that to influence our values and the impact that we have.

We refuse to work in sectors and industries that stand at odds with those values. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our charity partners.

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