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The Idea Bureau

The SamKnows Digital Platform

Helping one of the worlds leading companies on broadband measurement and statistics redesign their digital platform and create a world class suite of consumer and business products.

Building a better platform

We worked closely with the London based team to create an improved online visual identity which easily communicated what the organisation does and to help consumers be empowered with data which could be used in order to hold their broadband providers to account.

We working across multiple product teams and helped design a number of key SamKnows products, including their data dashboard, iOS remote controller app, 3rd party white-label products and a new marketing website.

Company Website

The best way in which we could really get to understand the business and how the customers saw the organisation was to look at the company website. We collaborated with the senior management team and marketing to create a new content structure which focused on 3 key audiences. ISPs, Consumers and Regulators.

We then begin to tailor our content to those specific markets and created visuals which would communicate the companies offering.

Bespoke Illustrations

Understanding broadband measurements can be difficult. We decided to create a range of high-quality illustrations to balance some of the technical content referenced throughout the website and marketing channels. This helps communicate the SamKnows services among varying audience types.

Remote controller app design

As part of the platform redesign, we were asked to redesign the consumer-focused wifi remote app. This app allows users to take detailed wifi performance readings throughout the home and the measurements were then recorded back to the main SK hub located in the home.

We focused on the design and ensured that the app was as simple as possible to use. The key objective is to launch the app and run a quick performance test. Everything else in the apps functionality was secondary.

Consumer and enterprise dashboards

Many months of design thinking went into the new SamKnows reporting system. We created new customer dashboards allowing users to view their broadband measurements with clarity and ease. I also designed dasboard interfaces which would also be used at government, regulator and ISP level.

It was a real privilege to be part of the SamKnows journey, especially in such a vital time for the companies growth plans. We wish them the best of luck.

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