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Wellbeing Resource Centre

Providing free expert advice on mental health, physical wellbeing, homeschooling, and remote working for the Claims sector and beyond.

Claims Consortium Group (CCG) is a UK leading provider of property claims handling and claims workflow technologies. Being the first and only company of its kind to provide an online communication tool, CCG classes themselves as innovators and are always seeking to challenge the ‘norm’ in their field. The creation of the Wellbeing Resource Centre was no different.

Due to Covid-19, Jeremy Hyams, Chief Executive Officer of CCG had to quickly adapt the business by transitioning 300 staff within their call centre to work remotely. As you can imagine this was a huge challenge! Throughout this transition the team had been creating daily bulletin announcements containing articles, videos, and infographics to help the team with this transition. This contained a mixture of content created in-house by the Learning & Development team and also content already available online.

CCG saw this as an opportunity to not only help their staff but the wider community. The team approached us and asked how we could help to bring this idea to life quickly during the Covid-19 pandemic. We were excited to get involved and help bring this idea to life as fast as possible. We knew this resource centre was going to be valuable to others in the Claims sector and beyond.

Claims Consortium Group
May 2020

Our Approach

Based on our initial meetings scoping out the types of content being uploaded to the resource centre and the fast-paced turn around of this project we made the decision to go with a Webflow implementation. Webflow allowed us to design, build, and launch quickly whilst also providing a straight-forward CMS for the team to continue adding content post-launch.

The design of the Wellbeing Resource Centre is incredibly minimalist with a strong focus on typography and spacing that displays content clearly and professionally across varying device sizes. We made use of open-source illustrations sets such as Undraw and Humaaans to create bespoke cards for each piece of content on the website.

The Objective

The objective of creating this resource centre was actually incredibly simple. We needed to create a CMS for the CCG team upload and create new content on a daily basis, whilst also displaying this content in a simple clean interface that was easy to navigate for users.

Through our scoping sessions we were able to identify the different types of content and their categories that needed to appear on the website. Based on this information we were able to create defined categories for users to explore including mental and physical wellbeing; mind body spirit; leading from a distance; virtual working; and survival resources for parents. Within these categories articles, videos, infographics, and webinars could be explored easily.

“With their passion for charity, community and education, we knew that Shane and the team at The Idea Bureau were the perfect fit for our community wellbeing website design and build. We wanted to create a website to bring together all of the wellbeing content that we were creating for our people into an easily accessible platform for wider audiences to be able to freely access. Shane was there at every step of the way to guide our team from inception through to completion.”

Jeremy Hyams
Chief Executive Officer

In a short space of time we collaborated closely with the team to design, build, and launch a resource centre that we are all proud of. It has been an absolute pleasure to see the success of this launch and the continuous new content that’s being made available.

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